Bring on the brownies!

It’s not a Christie’s Heartoberfest without a Throwdown.

This year’s contest is possibly the sweetest yet: Brownies!

Who will take home the coveted champion apron? Come on by on 9/27 to find out!

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Airline tickets, Weekend in Montreal….they’re baaaaaack!

Two of our most popular raffles are back and ready for action!

Try your luck for (2) Roundtrip Southwest Airlines tickets – good for anywhere Southwest flies.

Or, stay closer to home and enjoy a great weekend in North America’s own European-esque city: Montreal. The best steak you can find, great accomodations for two nights, and always some goodies thrown in.

More details to come…

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Apple Throwdown

The throw down is back by popular demand.

The not-so-secret ingredient: Apple!

Here’s the deal:

Entries can be any food (nothing that requires power or refrigeration at the time of serving) where apple is a main ingredient.

To keep things running smoothly, there are a few rules:

1) You are officially entered only by emailing Craig, at Commenting here, on Facebook, or emailing someone else, doesn’t cut it.

2) All entries must be received between noon and 1:30 at Heartoberfest. Anything that arrives later, we’re certain will be just as delicious, but will be served as dessert for guests, and not part of the throw down.

3) Food must not need any power/heat source or refrigeration at the time of serving. There is not much table space, so no room for crock pots or chafing dishes. Also, it may be a hot day, and we’ll have no way to keep things cold.

4) All entries must arrive in sample sizes. We understand the pride of presentation that a whole cake, brownies, pie, etc. have, however, neither you nor we want you standing there cutting your entry as guests are anxious to start their tasting. Remember, there will be several entries, so no need to go full-size.

We recommend bringing servings for 150 people.

Sooooo, whaddya say? You in?

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