This site is dedicated to the memory of  CHRISTIE M. TOLOSKY whose beautiful smile, friendly way, and loving hand were taken from her family and friends at the age of  24 in June 2005, when she suffered cardiac arrest.   Christie had a condition known as Long QT Syndrome, but had never been diagnosed.

As a result of Christie’s death from Long QT, a genetic cardiac arrhythmia condition, several family members have been diagnosed.  Through medication, or in some cases, with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), Christie’s family members are now aware of the dangers of their condition, and are receiving effective treatment.  Because of this, Christie’s mother considers Christie to be the family’s guardian angel.

As a result we have committed to working with the American Heart Association to raise funds for continued heart disease research and with the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundation to educate the public and raise awareness of Long QT, a potential silent killer.  Long QT is treatable.  Christie’s Heartoberfest publicizes the warning signs of the condition: dizziness, feeling light-headed, syncope (passing out) and others, so no other families have to suffer the loss of their Christie.

Christie Tolosky was born January 29, 1981 to Craig & Barbara Tolosky of Ballston Lake NY and has a brother Nick and sister Melissa. Christie was educated at Chango Elementary, Koda Jr. High and Shenendehowa High School.  She graduated from her father’s alma mater, Siena College in 2003.

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